Welcome to
Spring Grove Nursery

Welcome to Spring Grove Nursery. We know that the choice of a Nursery for your child, or children, is a very personal one, and we hope that the videos and information below will help you to get a feel for what makes our Nursery such a happy, friendly place.

Our Nursery is on the same site as the Prep school, and while it is a safe and separate space, we definitely feel that the children benefit from sharing staff and facilities with the older pupils in the school. Each year group has its own set of classrooms and dedicated outdoor space. In normal times children in the Teddies (2-3 years) and Giraffes (3-4 years) classes share a large walled garden with a sandpit, digging area, mud kitchen, vegetable garden and music area (at present, children in Teddies and Giraffes are in two separate bubbles, and play separately).

As they progress through the Teddies and Giraffes classes, our Nursery children are encouraged to take risks within a safe and secure environment, setting them up for the next step in their education as they move from Nursery into the Reception class and on to Key Stage 1. Children develop confidence in themselves and confidence in their ability to learn and achieve.

In the Teddies Class we concentrate on the three Prime Areas of Development – Communication & Language, Physical Development and Personal & Social Skills. As children move to the Giraffe Class the concentration extends to a further 4 areas - Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Our highly qualified staff support the children to become independent learners through a mix of carefully targeted activities and support. In addition we offer PE, Music, French, and Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) taught by specialist teachers from the main school, and in the case of music, from out of school.

Children have the opportunity to use the school facilities outside the Nursery setting - for example lunch is eaten every day in our School Hall and we go for walks on the large school playing field. In normal times, the Giraffes children attend our whole-school Family Assembly every Friday, as well as performing in the annual Christmas Nativity play, all of which helps to prepare them for the larger-scale events they will attend once they start in Reception class.

We think that Spring Grove Nursery gives children the very best start in life - it is ‘a great place to grow’ - but don’t just take our word for it! Here are some reviews from parents:

“My daughter is extremely happy at Teddies. Since joining, her language and communication skills, outgoing attitude and eagerness to learn has come on leaps and bounds. She completes a range of activities and is always keen to tell me what she has learnt. Teachers are very supportive and are able to answer any questions I have. They give advice on how best to teach at home and include me in learning. Excellent school.”

“Spring Grove Nursery is an exceptional nursery, the overall feel is a loving, safe, inspiring environment. The staff are amazing and really go above and beyond to ensure all children are cared for as individuals…”

“The Nursery prepares the children not only for Reception but for everyday life. The level of education that the children receive is head and shoulders above the nurseries in the local area but not sacrificing play or imagination. French, PE and even shows of confidence such as eye-contact and greetings push this nursery above those around it.”

“The staff are always so welcoming and helpful and are on hand to answer any questions in person or on email. I feel that they have a genuine affection for my daughter, and this is shown in their interactions with her and in the way she speaks about them. My daughter loves the play activities, and in particular loves the garden which is large, beautiful, and full of activities.”

On the basis of our consistently positive parent reviews, for the second year running Spring Grove has been recognised as one of the Top 20 Nurseries in the South East of England by the DayNurseries website.

Useful Information

Please note that Spring Grove Nursery is term time only - here are our term dates for 2021-22:
Autumn Term 2021 Start of term: Thursday 2 September · Half term: Thursday 18 October - Friday 29 October · End of term: Wednesday 15 December
Spring Term 2022 Start of term: Wednesday 5 January · Half term: Monday 14 - Friday 18 February · End of term: Tuesday 29 March
Summer Term 2022 Start of term: Wednesday 20 April · Half term: Monday 30 May - Friday 3 June · End of term: Wednesday 13 July

The timings of the day in Nursery are as follows:
Morning session (am) 8.30am to 11.30am
Morning session with lunch 8.30am to 12.30pm
Afternoon session (pm) 12.30pm to 3.30pm
Full day 8.30am to 3.30pm

We offer wraparound care which must be pre-booked 72 hours in advance:
Breakfast Club 7.30am to 8.30am
Crèche 3.30pm to 4.30pm
SG Extra (incl. packed tea) 4.30pm to 6pm
Information about Nursery fees and charges for wraparound care can be found on the school website

The uniform for Teddies and Giraffes is smart, practical and comfortable for both boys and girls:
Spring Grove School Uniform list 2020-21 We ask you to provide a pair of Wellingtons, waterproofs and school fleece to leave at school as we go out to play everyday.

Communication between school and parents:
Due to Covid-19 restrictions parents now drop and pick up their children at the Teddies or Giraffes doors, and do not come into the Nursery. We are aware that this does not allow time for the usual catch-up between parents and staff, but we are always happy to communicate via email or phone outside Nursery hours. The Nursery uses the Tapestry App which allows for daily communication with parents. In addition Parent Consultations take place termly and appointments are made through our SchoolsBuddy app.

Morning snack and lunch:
We provide a healthy morning snack for Teddies and Giraffes children, and supply milk and drinking water. We are a nut-free school so if you do send any food into school please ensure that nuts, or any products containing nuts, are not sent in. All Nursery children eat their lunch in the School Hall, with the Nursery staff. The lunch menu is on a 3-week rotation and copies of the menu are published in the School Messenger (newsletter).

Head of Early Years: Mrs Clarke -
Teddies Class Leader: Miss Fisher -

Mrs Clarke

Miss Fisher